What do Church Recorders do?

The furnishings of the church are recorded following a prescribed pattern in nine sections eg Memorials, Stonework, Windows etc. Photographs play a very important part of the Record. A completed record not only gives a snapshot of a church at a particular time in its history but, in the unhappy event of damage or theft, can not only help the church in an insurance claim, but help with the repair of, say, a window or the recovery of a stolen item. The copies sent to the national organisations provide information for data bases of value to researchers in a variety of fields.

Their work at Throwley complete, two of our most experienced recorders, Anne Sillars and Liz Hudsmith, felt it was time to take (a very honourable) retirement. We miss them and are grateful for all their hard work over the years and were very sorry to hear that Liz had lost her battle with cancer.

We do have two promising recruits but would welcome more. Volunteers usually work in pairs and we go to the church twice a month on the first two Thursday mornings. If you might be interested in joining us please have a word with me, either at a meeting or by phone (see the back of your programme).

Pat Blackford, Faversham DFAS Church Recording Leader

September 2016 Bulletin

The work on the record of St Laurence Church, Bapchild, is progressing well with several sections complete, subject to the final editing and co-ordination with other sections. We should finish the work in the church this year though, undoubtedly, some further visits there will be necessary to check and tie up loose ends.

If you would like to come and see some of us in action and to look round this interesting church you would be welcome to come along between 11 & noon on November the 10th or 17th.

The church is about 300 yards from the A2 up School Lane which is (from Faversham) just past the traffic lights in Bapchild opposite the Fox and Goose public house.

As St Laurence is a working church it could be that one or other of these dates prove not possible so you are welcome to check with Pat Blackford, on 01795 532543, the day before that we shall be there.

Congratulations & commendations to Church Recorder and Heritage Volunteer, member Alison Black, for her work in remaking the white pulpit fall at St Laurence’s Church, Bapchild, the church we are currently recording.

When Alison happened to see the fall she was concerned at the condition of the body of the fall and, a keen needlewoman, having experience of working on church fabrics felt that she could renew it and offered her services to the churchwardens. Following discussions and having shown them examples of her work her offer was gratefully accepted. The new fall with the original motif (the only part which could be re-used) in place was returned to the church in time for the Christmas season when the array, of course, is traditionally white.

The photograph shows Textile recorder Maggie Goodwin admiring the fall while Alison informs her of some of the details of the new fall.

April 2016 Bulletin

September 27th last year (2015) saw the Presentation of the Record of St Michael & All Angels, Throwley, to the church, appropriately on the day when the church was celebrating both St Michael’s Day and the Harvest Festival. It was a beautiful Autumn day, the church was looking at its best, the welcome was warm, all making our farewell to the church a very happy occasion.

The following month three digital copies of the record were taken to Nadfas House. One of these is for the V & A, another for the Church Care Library & the third for Historic England (formerly, English Heritage).

In March, while the Throwley record was being put together, checked and checked again by a few of us, work was begun on recording St Laurence, Bapchild. This is a smaller, very different church from Throwley but also a very interesting one with its own challenges.

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