Introducing our Committee members:

Chairman Valerie Champion      email:
Vice-Chairman Ann Frewin
Secretary Heather Walding        email:
Treasurer Richard Bradburn      email:
Membership Secretary Yvonne Arneberg       email:
Young Arts Yvonne Vedamuttu
Programme Secretary Diane Gaskain            email:
Study Days Ann Frewin
Catering Arrangements Gilly Wright
Outings Secretary Dorothea Bromley
Website Richard Jones             email:
Other Committee Members Gill Griffiths, Chris Marshall
Projectionists Rob Bond, Giles Champion, Barbara Harrington, Richard Jones, Bill Legg, Harvey Williams
Church Recorders Pat Blackford
Heritage Volunteers Liz Hamlin


Societies like Faversham DFAS don’t run themselves. There is a committee that does this, and as with many societies, it is difficult to find people willing to serve on the committee. If you feel you may have something to offer, particularly in the areas of Treasurer and Young Arts, or if you would just like a chat to see what committe work would involve please contact

Val Champion (01227 752 895)

The committee are a cheerful lot who have an enjoyable time and anyone interested would be welcome. They would be fast tracked into the society and have a reduced subscription.