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NEXT LECTURE: Anthony Gormley – A Body of Work.  Speaker: Rosalind Whyte
Thursday 28th February 2019

The Borgias – The most Famous Family in History.  Speaker: Sarah Dunant (EVENING MEETING)
Thursday 14th March 2019

Children in Art – How children Develop in Visual Expression.  Speaker: Richard Box
Thursday 28th March 2019

Raffles – Art Collector and Discoverer of Singapore.  Speaker: Denise Haywood
Thursday 25th April 2019

Leni Riefenstal – Hitler’s Film Maker.  Speaker: Howard Smith
Thursday 23rd May 2019

Gender and the Body – Kept Behind the Curtain – the Nude.  Speaker: Leslie Primo
Thursday 27th June 2019

Mars and the Muses. The Renaissance Art of Amour.  Speaker: Tobias Capwell
Thursday 26th September 2019

When Britain clicked.  The Photography of the Swinging 60’s.  Speaker: Brian Slater (Preceded by the AGM)
Thursday 24 October 2019

The Origins of our English Christmas.   Speaker: Roger Askew
Thursday 28th November 2019