What is Young Arts?

One of the NADFAS objectives is to inspire young people with an enthusiasm for the arts and increase awareness of our arts heritage and its conservation.

NADFAS encourages individual Societies to promote arts activities for young people. Societies work in two ways, Young Arts Groups and Young Arts Projects. Some Societies offer one or the other, some offer both.  Faversham DFAS offers Young Arts Projects.

Young Arts Projects.

These vary according to local circumstances and follow no set format. A Society may offer prizes for an art competition, sponsor an art project or workshop, organize a gallery visit or offer a student at art college a bursary for the purchase of equipment.  Many projects involve partnerships with local or national bodies including such things as

Artists in residence in schools, funding for visits to galleries and museums, art exhibitions for young artists, special equipment purchase.

Grants and scholarships for study courses.

In 2007 16 Societies supported Young Arts, to the tune of a staggering £9,619.

Young Arts in Faversham DFAS

demelza houseFaversham DFAS currently set aside a small sum of money each year for Young Arts Project(s).  In 2012, we collaborated with three Secondary Schools in Sittingbourne and selected 15 pieces of art from the sixth forms which were submitted to NADFAS House for possible selection for the spring exhibition of the Royal Society of British Artist in London. Sadly none from Sittingbourne were selected for the RBA exhibition, but competition was strong as over 300 works had been submitted from Societies around the country.
For a list of Faversham projects from the last few years please see Young Arts Project(s).

Young Arts Representative.

The Young Arts Representative is a member of the committee, and the link with the Area Young Arts. However, ideas or help from any Society member interested in promoting art among the young would be very welcome. Contact Yvonne Vedamuttu (01795 423040) or any member of the committee.